Let's do this Fall thing!!

Hello again beauties! First let me start by saying thank you, thank you, thank you !!! I'll tell you why... Can you say sexy madonna suit or "hello" Hot Pink! Excuse me 80's shoulder pads. Come to me! Over size bags and colored glasses. Do you remember those sweet stickers with the oil inside that turned different colors when you pushed it!? Think makeup and clothes in those psychedelic colors. YAASSSSSS its all back ladies. Girl, I can rock a sexy suit now. This is all what we get to play with this fall.

So,for makeup think eyeliner, Lash extensions and a hot pink lip. Make sure your brows on point with microbladng. Try switching out that eyeliner color or lip color to mix up your look. Not only are these fall looks fun and rejuvenated for fall 2018 but we can easily add things like lash extension or microblading to make it quicker and fuss free in our early morning daily routine. Not enough data for insights yet Share post

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